Embers From the Abyss

Most of my current work are meditations on transience. I try to emphasis both the positive and negative aspects of my search for some spirituality in this life.  The ritual of creating something is one thing that I love about making art,  locating, sorting, classifying, research, deconstructing, constructing, It’s a mental, spiritual and physical process that helps create order for me. The breaking down of the theme or idea visually, and metaphorically,  juxtaposing, manipulating and linking together objects and images that for me have symbolic power and emotion and building it with a craftsman’s attention to detail, that is what I am striving to accomplish in my artwork. When I'm creating things it feels like I’m trying to create a haiku poem, sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I’m not.

To view an image in more detail please double click the photograph. 
Thanks for looking.

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