These photographs are work from my past, I  was very interested in the movement or  blurring of the subject as an expressive element in my photography. Working with slower shutter speeds to record intentional and minor movement or disturbances of the subject I felt added an otherwordly quality to the photos and helped conjure up a feeling of mystery that I hoped would be unnerving to the viewer.

Punk Rock Photographs
These photographs were taken in the early 1980's, The Cuckoos Nest, Starwood, Godzillas when I first got a camera. I was going to a lot of punk shows and I was trying to inconspicuously take photos of the scene I was involved in. I was just starting out with a camera and took a lot of poor images of great bands I was witnessing. The lighting was tricky for a newbie with a camera, the stage was light then dark then light again in a matter of seconds or very low lighting, I quickly learned that timing was critical and a flash on the camera was essential. It was a balancing act of light and dark. A great lesson to learn and something since then I have always tried to acomplish in my art. Years later I made a small edition of handmade books I titled Dead Icon each with its own different photomontaged cover a series of 5 X 7 punk photos an original pinback and a flyer from my collection. I gave these away in the spirit of punk..DIY ethic.. for everything that those bands we saw live inspired in me.
                                                       Documentary Photos

These are a selection of photographs I took years ago when I was in college. I loved wandering the urban streets looking for images of our indifference to the debris,rubble and trash created by us humans. I'm amazed at how most of the time we just accept it as part of our landscape. I was also looking for hints of nature in an urban enviornment and a human presence in the concrete jungle.

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